Through using our EQS Group Compliance Products Service Portal your compliance team members requiring support from EQS will be benefitting from the following perks when filing a request via the portal instead of via e-mail:

  • Pre-selection of the type of request allows EQS to process your request(s) directly without experts having to revert with further questions to you first before proceeding further.
  • You can keep track of the processing progress of your request(s) without having to follow up by e-mail repeatedly.
  • You having insight into the enquiries of other colleagues in your organisation prevents losing time on filing redundant requests & facilitates follow up efforts.


In short, you can handle your support requests for your EQS Compliance Product more efficiently.

We are looking forward to receiving your future requests via the EQS Group Compliance Products Service Portal.

Your EQS Compliance Solutions Support Team

How to sign up for Compliance Products Service Portal

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