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DX Group plc

New IR website in 8 weeks

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The challenge

DX Group had recently reviewed and updated the content of their IR website. EQS Group was appointed to help them to refresh the look and feel of their current IR website while also streamlining the navigation in order to make key content more accessible. Our template website was the ideal solution. The overall goal was to have an easy-to-navigate website to showcase the progress that DX Group has made since implementing its turnaround strategy.

The steps

Creating a template website for DX Group had a fast turnaround time of eight weeks and was completed in six simple steps:

  1. Initial meeting with DX Group to discuss goals and timelines
  2. DX Group provided EQS Group with design guidelines
  3. Site map and content templates sent to DX Group to update
  4. EQS Group created site pages based on content templates and DX Group’s site map and design guidelines and sent the staging website to DX Group
  5. Feedback gathered from DX Group
  6. Final changes were made before going live

The outcome: a very well presented, easy-to-navigate website

The benefits for DX Group can be summarised as follows:

1. More accessible for investors

  • Better navigation: the new website layout makes it much easier for investors to find key content. The website is also optimised for mobile devices.
  • Enhanced engagement and IR tools: previously DX Group only had a regulatory newsfeed on their IR website. Now investors can also make use of the interactive share price chart and sign up to receive regulatory news email alerts via the email alerts subscription form


2. Increased efficiencies and savings:

  • All content management for DX Group’s IR website is now done by EQS Group – this saves DX Group time and money that can be reallocated.
  • This cost-effective website solution includes the fees for the tools and feeds, meaning DX Group are receiving much better value for money.


3. Quick turnaround:

  • The new website was delivered within two months of EQS Group receiving the content from DX Group.
We are really pleased with the new investor website delivered by EQS Group. The whole process went smoothly from start to finish and was delivered swiftly and to tight deadlines. It’s now much easier to navigate, nicely laid out, a big improvement on what we had before and delivered within an affordable budget.
David Mulligan
David Mulligan

Chief Financial Officer at DX Group pl

About DX Group plc

DX Group plc is a market leader in the delivery of mail, parcels, pallets and freight of irregular dimension and weight. The company provides a wide range of specialist delivery services to both business and residential addresses across the UK and Ireland.