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How AUDI AG now communicates its corporate regulations via the Rulebook app and RuleBot

Sector: Automotive
Production sites: 19 locations in 12 countries
Present in: More than 100 markets worldwide

As an internationally active company, AUDI AG has an extensive and dynamic body of regulations. Technical innovations, new legislation and complex global developments all place high demand on the guidelines being complete, up-to-date, and legally certain. In order to minimise risks and protect the company’s reputation, the applicable requirements for employees must not only be communicated, but also anchored in a sustainable manner. Since May 2020, Audi has been relying on new digital solutions through the use of the Audi Rulebook app and the new RuleBot.

In the past, all of the company guidelines were only available as PDF documents in the Audi intranet. The Audi Rulebook simplifies the search for the right guideline. Instead of having to read and search through multipage documents, employees and managers can find answers to specific questions interactively in the Audi Rulebook. In this way, a guided search with targeted topic suggestions or a free text search quickly results in the appropriate instruction. The Audi Rulebook makes access to the world of regulations much more attractive and results in greater trust in and acceptance of those regulations.

Audi Rulebook as an interactive assistant

With the help of IRM® technology, all guidelines can now be found digitized in a web app which is application oriented and available at any time. Not only were the approx. 80 guidelines transferred, but over a thousand use cases were created, helping employees receive assistance with specific use cases. These are depicted in the form of question-and-answer combinations, detailing specific rights and obligations about how to act in each respective situation. Particular attention was paid to legally compliant answers. This means that the answers must be clearly comprehensible and not independently devised by the technology itself.

Alongside so-called pull communication, i.e., the topics that employees actively seek out, the Audi Rulebook is ideally suited for push communication. The digitized use cases can be systematically distributed to specific target groups. In addition, Rulebook offers the possibility to map a version history of guidelines. This makes it possible for employees to see how many versions a policy has already gone through and which use cases have been adapted in each case. In addition, the guidelines from different periods of validity can be easily compared with each other.

The Rulebook in practice:

Semantic Free Text Search

The semantic free text search understands employees‘ questions and guides them to the right recommendation for action.

Explorative Search

The guided, explorative search supports employees who do not know exactly what they are looking for but know the context. They are guided step by step and intuitively to the right recommendation for action.

Conversational Chatbot

The Conversational Chatbot communicates specifically with the user and also provides additional information.

Building block for a modern corporate culture

Contextual compliance communication at eye level is an integral aspect of AUDI AG’s compliance and integrity culture. With a clear classification in the respective work context, the Audi Rulebook creates transparency and certainty of action with regard to regulations. The digital solution allows easy access and quickly enables safe decisions to be made without “a wagging finger”. For the Audi Corporate Regulations team it is especially valuable that direct user feedback can be recorded anonymously and systematically. This feedback offers the opportunity of continuous improvement of the guidelines themselves.

5 Fragen an Delphine Gieux

Daria Angelini,
Delphine Gieux Sekretärin des Verwaltungsrates, Schneider Electric
Wie kam es, dass Sie sich für die EQS Group entschieden haben?

Während der sorgfältigen Prüfung verschiedener
Anbieter, erfüllte der EQS Insider Manager unsere
Auswahlkriterien. Bei der ersten Produktdemo
konnten wir zudem sehen, wie benutzerfreundlich die Plattform gestaltet ist. Außerdem war
das Tool deutlich kostengünstiger als andere
Lösungen. Das lag daran, dass der Insider
Manager bereits an MAR angepasst war. Andere
Tools beruhten auf früheren/ausländischen Vorschriften und erforderten noch entsprechende
Änderungen, die wir natürlich hätten finanzieren

Was waren die größten Herausforderungen bei der Einrichtung?

In der letzten Phase der Einrichtung waren
noch ein paar Anpassungen nötig. Dafür
musste die Inkompatibilität unserer Firewall
überwunden werden, die die Zustellung von
Benachrichtigungen aus dem EQS Insider
Manager an die Empfänger verhinderte. Es gab
kein Back-Up und das System war das einzige
Benachrichtigungstool. Und es war Feiertag
in Deutschland. Das EQS-Team kam trotzdem
ins Büro, um mit unseren IT-Spezialisten, die
weltweit angesiedelt sind, das Problem zu lösen
– trotz Zeitzonen-Unterschiede in Echtzeit. Dies
zeigt einmal mehr das hohe Engagement und die
Flexibilität der EQS Group in diesem Projekt. Der
Roll-Out verlief dann ohne große Komplikationen.

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