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Every employee makes decisions every day – big, small, trivial and special ones. They all make up the success of a company. In doing so, they must be familiar with many requirements and guidelines in order to avoid penalties or procedural errors. However, employees are often too busy to read a page-long policy before making a decision. What they need are quick and clear answers to urgent questions.

As a digital service, the EQS Rulebook helps to communicate company guidelines not only comprehensibly, but also empathetically. This way, everyone knows – always and everywhere – what is possible:

  • Can I process personal data in third countries?
  • Can I use open source software provided by suppliers?
  • Can I exchange confidential documents with business partners?
  • What do I have to consider if I want to use employees of external companies?
How the EQS Rulebook works

The most comfortable set of rules ever

Fully adaptable

The EQS Rulebook comes as a white label product to your company. It can be laid out according to your corporate design and integrated into your existing web platforms. The application is provided as an online service, is available through the browser, and is available as a native app for iOs and Android.

Easy access control

In the standard version, the EQS Rulebook is accessible via a seamless link method, which can be integrated into any web platform. If necessary, an authentication method can also be implemented via Microsoft Azure Active Directory or in a company-specific manner.

Anonymous and secure

No personal data will be saved in the EQS Rulebook. The secure HTTPS protocol is used for data transmission. The EQS Rulebook runs on virtual servers from Microsoft Germany in certified EU data centers.

Always up to date

The Rulebook software is always automatically updated to the newest version. All Rulebook contents are kept up-to-date: updates are installed according to an agreed cycle, in the course of which you will receive informative evaluations on the use of your EQS Rulebook.

Success Story: AUDI AG

How AUDI AG now communicates its corporate regulations via the Rulebook app and RuleBot

The Audi Rulebook makes access to the world of regulations much more attractive and results in greater trust in and acceptance of those regulations.

Make your policies digital

The EQS Rulebook consists of thematic content sets which are developed from the regulatory content of your policies and guidelines or provided by EQS Group —optimized on request.

For this purpose, we have developed a proprietary technology: Interactive Rule Modeling (IRM®). Your policies and guidelines are digitally mapped. By means of a linguistic modeling of the individual company regulations, difficult-to-understand, abstract formulations become easily accessible rules that all employees can easily retrieve and understand in the Rulebook App.

With the EQS Rulebook business conduct rules are …

… effectively implemented

  • User feedback for improvements
  • Use as a training tool
  • Usage statistics / benchmarking
  • Anonymous: no collection of personal data
  • Documentation possible

… better communicated

  • Increase the efficiency of help desk services by using Rulebook content
  • Reach new target groups
  • Rapid notification of new rules and amendments
  • Convenient use for new hires and personnel changes

… easier to query

  • Always and everywhere
  • Intuitive use
  • Quickly guided to the correct answer
  • Easy integration into workspaces

… easier to understand

  • Clear answers
  • Comprehensible language
  • Rich Media integration possible
  • Intuitively query rules and options for action

Why companies rely on EQS Rulebook

With the EQS Rulebook we currently successfully manage…

  • the group-wide communication of the Code of Conduct and all policies in a retail and touristic group
  • the comprehensive digital provision of company policies to all employees in an automotive group
  • a digital agent service for the finance departments of an automotive group
  • the digital communication of GRC requirements in a medium-sized financial holding company to its subsidiaries
  • the communication and training of organizational rules in a medium-sized construction company
  • the comprehensive dialogical communication of the new corporate policies after the merger at an energy provider.



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