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What does EQS Compliance COCKPIT offer?

With our digital solution EQS Compliance COCKPIT, you fulfil the legal requirements of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG). With the help of the applications on the Compliance COCKPIT, you can – among other things – categorize your risks, initiate and track appropriate preventive measures, as well as compile and communicate policy statement and other relevant policies. The complaints procedure required by law can also be rolled out and managed via the COCKPIT. In doing so, you always maintain an overview of measures and responsibilities and fulfil your documentation obligations at the same time.

Your advantages

  • Clear mapping of risks of relevant suppliers and locations as well as of corresponding measures
  • Effortless implementation of a risk management system
  • Continuous and effortless documentation of the fulfilment of due diligence obligations
  • Protection against sanctions through implementation of legal requirements

Risk management according to LkSG – An overview of requirements

Risk management system

For the identification, assessment and mitigation of risks and for remedial action in case of legal violations

Internal responsibility:
Clear responsibilities for risk management assigned to one or more persons

Risk analysis:
Weighting and prioritization of risks in own business and of suppliers, according to the criteria specified in the LKSG

Preventive & remedial actions:
Define and manage measures to mitigate identified risks and redress possible grievances.

Complaints procedure

To enable whistleblowing on human rights abuses or violations of environmental standards.

e.g. through digital reporting channel:
necessary public access and certified anonymity

accessibility and operability of the reporting channel by any affected person along the entire value chain

transparent yet strictly confidential procedure for handling incoming complaints

Transparency & reporting

Transparent and comprehensible presentation of how the company fulfils its due diligence obligations

Policy statement:
Preparation of a document outlining the risk management concept, including identified risks, measures and expectations for employees and suppliers, with the option of updating, as necessary

Annual report:
published annually no later than four months after the end of the financial year, available for seven years and fulfilling reporting obligations to BAFA (Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control)

How to fulfil due diligence obligations arising from LkSG with Compliance COCKPIT

Perform risk management and reporting with Third Parties:

Third Parties enables you to implement comprehensive risk management in accordance with the LKSG, including clear assignment of responsibilities, assessment of risks, and the definition, assignment and tracking of appropriate preventive measures, with the help of integrated task management.

At the same time, it serves for effortless documentation and reporting, and also supports internal traceability and transparency of current plans and progress in the management of human rights and environmental risks.

Implement complaint procedures with Integrity Line:

EQS Integrity Line offers an accessible and certified anonymous reporting channel, accessible to anyone concerned, to highlight potential grievances. It also allows you to comprehensively handle reported cases and manage internal responsibilities.

Communicate policies and policy statements with Policies:

Policies gives you templates to create an LKSG-compliant policy statement, as well as other guidelines for dealing with specific risks.

In addition, you have the possibility to communicate policies and responsibilities across the organization and use an integrated confirmation mechanism to ensure that they have been read and understood. The creation of segmented address lists also supports you in external communication.

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The law in brief

The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) applies to companies headquartered in Germany with more than 3,000 employees from January 2023. From 2024, the law will apply to companies with more than 1,000 employees. Foreign companies’ subsidiaries in Germany, who exceed these employee numbers, are also covered by the law. Foreign companies that sell to affected German businesses, along with small German businesses, also feel the impact. This is because the larger German firms under this law are asking their suppliers to follow the same rules.

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