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The only financial news portal you need

EQS News provides financial market professionals with access to latest information from the investor world. Thousands of financial and investment professionals rely on EQS News every day for reliable news.

EQS News offers a vast source of information for IR managers, analysts, media professionals and anyone who is interested in the financial market. Register to EQS News to make use of the advanced functionalities the portal offers.

What makes EQS News your #1 source for financial news

  • Multi-language setup
    Read the latest corporate news in not just one, but several languages. The portal is currently available in German and English, with the possibility of adding more languages in the future
  • Watchlist functionality
    Create multiple watchlists to organize news according to your choice. Monitor only the companies you are interested in and access updates quickly and easily
  • Alerts & notifications
    Get notified via email and receive push notifications on iOS/Android apps when companies in your watchlist/s publish new content
  • Advanced filter
    Use advanced filters to search for specific information by filtering for different news types, time ranges and more. Save the filters for later use
  • Full-text search
    Use full-text search functionality to look for related news, events and company profiles
  • Bookmark, read later
    Bookmark news and events to read them later on the same or another device
  • Quick-view
    View company information such as name and industry without leaving the real-time news feed

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EQS News was formerly DGAP

DGAP (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ad-hoc Publizität) was founded in 1996 by Deutsche Boerse, Reuters, and vwd to offer a regulatory news service for disclosure obligations of listed companies.

DGAP was acquired by EQS Group in 2005 and continues to be the largest financial news service under the name EQS News.