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The Top-10 Podcasts About Compliance

In no particular order, here are our ten favourite podcasts focusing on compliance.

by Niall McCarthy 3 min

    Given how crowded the global podcast space has become in recent years, it really feels like there’s a podcast for everything these days. Compliance professionals will be relieved to hear that there’s no shortage of informative shows exploring their industry, from the impact of great women to the behavioural science behind morals and ethics. Of course, a number of great shows also take an in-depth look at the regulatory side things as well, focusing on issues such as the GDPR and data protection as well as how your organisation is best advised to implement its own compliance programme. In no particular order, here are 10 of our favourite compliance podcasts:

    1. Life With GDPR

    Hosted by Tom Fox, Life With GDPR has been going strong since early 2018 and it shines a light on complying with the tough data privacy and information security requirements of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation from an American perspective. The podcast educates its US audience about what the GDPR is and what they need to do to comply with it if they have operations on the other side of the Atlantic. Since its inception, the podcast has expanded to discuss a host of issues related to the legislation, including fines, policies and procedures, whistleblowers and the role of the Data Protection Officer. If you are a compliance professional or IT security expert, this is well worth a listen.

    Listen to LIFE WITH GDPR 

    2. Compliance Clarified (Thomson Reuters)

    Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence regularly releases new episodes of Compliance Clarified, a podcast that looks at a wide range of topics impacting Compliance Officers in financial service companies across the world. Designed to help Compliance Officers make sense of the often intricate and complicated world of financial services regulation, it examines areas such as Covid-19’s impact on compliance, the challenges presented by remote working models, the impact of Brexit and the growing importance of both ESG and diversity. Compliance Officers seeking to keep track of their growing pool of responsibilities will find this podcast immensely helpful.


    3. Great Women in Compliance

    Mary Shirley and Lisa Fine host this podcast which takes a look at the amazing and inspirational women who have helped the compliance field develop into what it is today. The idea for the show came from the strong women Mary and Lisa found around them – their mentors, peers and subordinates – whose stars continue to rise. Along with detailing the challenges faced by women and the barriers they have had to overcome, Great Women in Compliance has touched on networking, mentorship, innovation, technology and plenty of other interesting subjects since the first episode came out in late 2018.


    Podcast Listeners

    4. ESG Insider (S&P Global)

    Lindsey Hall and Esther Whieldon host this podcast from S&P Global that looks at everything related to one of the hottest areas of compliance right now: Environmental, Social and Governance or ESG. Each episode explores the topics at the forefront of the ESG movement featuring in-depth discussions with business leaders and experts. Gender diversity, climate change, CEO pay ratios and greenwashing are among the issues explored. The podcast also utilises exclusive S&P Global data to gauge how ESG is impacting corporate America and global markets.

    Listen to ESG INSIDER

    5. Human Risk Podcast

    Christian Hunt had more than 25 years’ experience in Investment Banking and Asset Management when he founded Human Risk to “bring behavioural science to ethics and compliance”. He has also started the Human Risk podcast which explores everything related to human risk, namely “the risk of people doing things they shouldn’t or not doing the things they should”. It also looks at how behavioural science can help us mitigate those issues, human reward and how to get the most out of people. The podcast is a must for business leaders and compliance professionals seeking to understand the human drivers of decision-making and how associated solutions can improve quality and engagement.


    6. Innovation in Compliance

    Episodes of this podcast are usually an easily digestible 15 to 20 minutes long. Once again, Tom Fox is at the helm and he drives conversations about the evolution of compliance through the 2020s, focusing heavily on the importance of technology and innovation. Tom is joined by industry leading experts who share their insights on fascinating topics such as forensic data analytics, the impact of artificial intelligence and how machine learning can be leveraged to identify fraud schemes. This podcast is obligatory listening for professionals intent on taking their compliance program to the next level.



    7. comp_lines – The Compliance Podcast (German)

    Going strong for around two years now, this one is a real treat for German-speaking compliance professionals. Stuttgart-based hosts Rebecca Mutke and Marvin Zimbelmann touch on everything from the very basics of compliance management to the more complicated legal aspects of the profession with money laundering, ethical leadership and risk management among its subject areas. A wide variety of experienced guests and a willingness to engage with the listener-base has helped make this the premier compliance podcast in the DACH region.

    Listen to COMP_LINES

    8. Culture of Compliance (Frazier & Deeter)

    US accounting firm Frazier & Deeter started putting out this popular compliance podcast in May 2018 and it is centred around embracing compliance activities as a competitive advantage. Once again, each episode is short, usually coming in at a maximum of 15 minutes. It focuses on various aspects of security, privacy and regulatory requirements with the mindset of creating a sustainable “culture of compliance” in organisations. An enthusiastic host and engaging guests have contributed to the podcast’s enduring popularity.


    9. Risk & Regulation Rundown (PwC)

    PwC’s financial services’ Risk and Regulation Rundown podcast looks at the latest risk and regulatory developments affecting the financial services industry in the UK. As well as sharing insights from work with clients, the show explores key talking points in an industry that is evolving significantly and has experienced disruption through changes in customer expectations, technological advances and regulatory demands. The episodes provide more information on topics such as climate risk and ESG, diversity, regulating crypto assets and how compliance is being transformed in a world of artificial intelligence.


    10. Brakeing Down Security

    Co-hosts Bryan Brake, Brian Boettcher and Amanda Berlin dive into the world of Cybersecurity, Privacy, Compliance and Regulatory issues affecting workplaces in this engaging podcast. From focusing on simple Cyber Security resilience tips to more complicated discussions regarding the finer points of modern security standards and vulnerabilities, this show has been on the scene since the start of 2014. IT security professionals and compliance teams will find the detailed discussions highly relevant to their work.


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    Niall McCarthy
    Niall McCarthy

    Niall is a Content Writer at the EQS Group. Originally from Ireland, he previously worked as a journalist, which included reporting on major corruption trends worldwide.