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Employees have to be familiar with a high number of procedures and guidelines in order to avoid penalties or operational failures.

  • May I process personal data in third countries?
  • May I use open source software components provided by suppliers?
  • May I exchange restricted documents with business partners?
  • What do I have to consider when using staff from external companies?
  • 2,000 Regulatory bodies globally
  • 55,000 Regulatory updates yearly
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The actively driven communication of corporate rules to employees through Rulebook technology is key for a truly enabling and risk reducing work environment equally for employees and management.
The Rulebook in action
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With the Rulebook business conduct rules are …

… effectively implemented

  • User feedback for improvements
  • Use as a training tool
  • Usage statistics / benchmarking
  • Anonymous: no collection of personal data
  • Documentation possible

… better communicated

  • Increase the efficiency of help desk services by using Rulebook content
  • Reach new target groups
  • Rapid notification of new rules and amendments
  • Convenient use for new hires and personnel changes

… easier to query

  • Always and everywhere
  • Intuitive use
  • Quickly guided to the correct answer

… easier to understand

  • Clear answers
  • Comprehensible language
  • Rich Media integration possible
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Aram Kaven-Moser
Aram Kaven-Moser

Founder Rulebook
Managing Director Corporate Compliance
+49 228 85 46 94 58


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